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Cat Lodging

We provide comfortable kitty suites for all our feline guests. The enclosures are 3x4' and offer a ledge for your cat to lay on. They are regularly let out of their suite into a large room with a window that allows them to look outside, lay in the sun and watch wildlife. All of our feline guests are monitored throughout the day and suites are kept in pristine condition.

Stays can be reserved by clicking the link below


$20/day, per cat 

10% discount for stays of 10 days or more
20% discount for stays of 30 days or more


Catnip Express
For the playful cat: your feline will be provide a live catnip plant to enjoy, 10 minutes of social time and brushing, and 15 minutes of laser-chasing activity in the afternoon.

Kitty Comfort


For those kitties that love to relax, we'll brush out your cat for 15 minutes along with a massage and petting.

Playtime Package


We let your cat out to play with their favorite toys up in the Cat House, and play a game of laser tag with them.


For your cat's protection, all vaccinations should be administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. If medications or shots need to be administered, our costs are $3/day for medications and $7/day for shots.


Current within 1-3 years


Current within 1-3 years

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