Dog Lodging

We offer the very best in pet lodging. When you leave your canine friend with us during times that you need to be away (or can't have them with you during vacation), you can be assured that our dedicated team will help make them feel content and at home during their stay with us.

Our staff understands that for many of us, pets are members of the family. We check on our guests frequently to make sure their environment is clean, their needs are met and they are happy. Our kennels provide privacy for each pet and have sliding glass doors for staff access.

Stays can be reserved by clicking the link below (new users will be asked to create an account, which only takes a minute or two) or by calling us directly at the Lodge (509-548-4719).

Our Facilities

For larger dogs or multiple guests being housed together, kennels are 6x8' or 6x12'. Our smaller canine guests are housed in kennels that are either 6x6' or 3x8' in size. We provide air conditioning throughout the summer and heated interior in the winter.


$28 per dog/per day 

$20 per additional dog in the same kennel.


10% discount for 10 or more days

20% discount for 30 days or more



Energy Burner

For the dog who is highly active. Includes an early morning 15-min walk and play session to start the day, a healthy natural treat, 15-min mid-afternoon walk and 'treat ball' to play with, an after-dinner 15-min walk and a plush comforter to sleep on for a good night's rest.

Relaxing Retreat


For the dog who likes to relax while on vacation. Includes a 15-min stroll by the creek after breakfast, healthy natural treat, 15-min mid-afternoon rubdown, a post-dinner nature stroll and, before lights are out, your dog will be tucked in with a belly rub and lots of love.

Extra Walks


A 15-min nature walk out in the fresh Pacific Northwest air gives your dog the opportunity to run around outside on a 26' leaf. We also walk a path down to the creek and they can jump in the water (with your permission, of course).

Playtime (one-on-0ne)


15-minutes of outside play in our of enclosed yards, one-on-one with us, throwing a ball with lots of TLC.

Playtime (with other dogs)


15 minutes of play with other LPL guests, upon consent of pet owners.


In order to provide the best level of protection for your dog, all vaccinations should be administered 2-3 weeks prior to their stay. If medications or shots need to be administered, our costs are $7/day for shots.


Current within 1  year


Current within 1-3 years
(depending on your veterinarian's recommendation)


Current within 1-3 years
(depending on your veterinarian's recommendation)

Corona & Parvo Virus

We recommend that young dogs under 1 year of age be vaccinated


After 10 days of lodging we recommend having your dog bathed (we charge per our standard grooming rates)

You are more than welcome to bring your pet's bed. If they happen to dismantle it during their stay, you can take it with you upon pick-up or we can dispose of it ($5 disposal fee).

We do conduct a mandatory flea/tic check of each pet upon arrival.


Pets can be dropped off and picked up during normal business hours. After-hours pick-up and drop-off times are possible for an additional $25 charge – times must be scheduled ahead of time and prior to drop-off or pick-up.