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Absolutely! Our kennels are large enough to accommodate up to 3 dogs per kennel. However, if they need to be fed separately, then we recommend kenneling separate as well.

What should I bring

We have everything your pet would need for their stay. Blankets, food, dishes and toys. Beds come with packages only. We do recommend bringing your own food , however, as some guests are used to their diet, and changing it can lead to digestive issues. We also recommend your own bedding, blanket, or something similar,

as they tend to have familiar smells in them, which can help your pet feel safer in an unfamiliar environment.

If your pets bed gets chewed and must be thrown out, we charge a $7 disposal fee


Pets can be dropped off any time during normal business hours. Pick-up time is before 12:00 (10:00 on Sundays). Picking up after these times will result in an

additional day fee.

After Hours service

After hours services run either after we close, or before we open.

You may come in as early as 6:00 am, or as late

as 9:00pm, for an additional $25.

After hours services need to be set up during business hours, and you must

be able to give us a time frame within half an hour.

(i.e. 6:30-7:00, or 8:30-9:00)


Does my dog get time outside?

We walk all of our guests 4 times a day. The first walk is 5 minutes, so we can

give everyone a chance to get outside as soon as possible. This is immediately

followed up by a 10-20 minute walk, to get some time in the fresh morning air.

Both the afternoon and evening walks are 10-20 minutes, so everyone has

plenty of opportunities to go to the bathroom.

(10-20 minute walks depend on weather, as some guests don't enjoy the 100

degree summers, or the 5 degree winters)

All walks happen inside a 6ft chain link fenced area, and each

guest will be in separated area's, ranging from 2000sqft, to 600sqft 

CAN MY DOG OR CAT SOCIAlize and play 
with other pets?

We do offer direct contact with other dogs, however, it is only available with the additional

package, and requires other guests to have the play-time package.

Cats do not get any direct contact with other cats,

unless brought together.

What if my pet gets sick?

We immediately contact you – no matter what time it is – and follow your directions. Bavarian Veterinary is located just 2 miles from our facility and we can transport your pet there. If your pet becomes ill after business hours, the veterinarian has a 24-hour emergency service number. Your pet is our Number 1 concern and priority.

can you give pets medication?

Yes. If your pet needs pills, sprays, ear or eye drops, there is no charge.
For shots there is a fee of $7 per day.

What if I'm late picking up my pet?

If you are a little behind schedule, give us a call and we will try to accommodate you. Standard policies apply for extended after-hours pickups.

At the end of the day, IS MY PET
left alone in the lOdge?

We are present at the lodge for 12 hours each day with constant pet interaction. At the end of that time, we understand that our animal guests are ready for the lights to dim and the noise level to subside so they can rest for the night. However, even though we are not physically present in the facility for the night, we do live on the property and have a lodge monitoring system – our guests' safety and security is our main concern at all times.

what if i need to extend or change
a reservation?

If you need to change anything about your reservation, you may request any changes through your customer profile, or call us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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